Saturday, June 9, 2007

In trouble agian....sigh

Well to start off finally had some play time last night, and it was incredible. Have missed the closeness very much. Not to mention the exercise without having to walk.(Wink) Only down size was got in trouble again. This one feels like she is getting in trouble a lot for being honest, and not sure that's a good thing or not. As everyone knows this girl spends a lot of time in MDS
chat, and has some really close friends there. One in particular this girl cares very much for, and talks to whenever time permits. Well playing around in there yesterday this girl put herself down which is a bad habit and something she does quiet often. This person asked girl if she'd mind writing ten things she liked about herself. Well this girl did not mind as she knows her Master doesn't like her to talk bad about herself either, so she did as asked. It was actually a hard assignment so one can assume not something this girl had thought about often. Afterwards this girl felt better about herself and was grateful for the correction, problem is Master doesn't like this girl doing anything for anyone but him. At least as far is correction goes. He says its his job, and his job only to correct this girl and help her grow. Now can't chat this whole weekend to anyone. This one can see his point, but wishes he could see this girls as well. He doesn't always have time for this girl, and sometimes this girl wishes he'd let her have someone online to get instructions and help from. This particular assignment helped this girl once again remember her place as Masters property, and that she reflected him. He should be happy about that. This person that gave the assignment respects Master very much, and her first words reflected that. She told this girl that she knew Master would be disappointed to hear his girl speak badly of herself, and that she thought maybe if this girl wrote ten things she liked about herself it would make her think harder before doing so again. I'd rather do an assignment then have her tell on me to Master, and face his punishment which is usually the whip. Master thankfully didn't use the whip last night, instead he made this girl hold her hands together and be still. That was even harder then taking a whipping but not as painful at least. This girl of course couldn't stay still that long, so had to get on knees with hands laced behind head and stay that way for five minutes. Afterwards he held this girl, and explained his reasoning for his rules. She is very grateful to him, but still does not agree in this situation though she accepts his word is law and will obey. Going to take the kids to the movies today so not chatting today shouldn't be that hard, but it will be. Am used to spending an hour or two before bed with my friends, and will miss that time greatly. Tomorrow will probably stay home all day and that will be much harder to take. Maybe will get my friend Pam's tags done she asked for, and a few stories written that I've been thinking about. Ah yes have new kittens born yesterday morn as well. Six of them. Two are a gorgeous long haired black and white. The other four are yellow and white like all of the last few batches have been lately unfortunately. One is only yellow on his head and tail though, and the rest is a long haired white. Peace out to all.....

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Master Ed said...

I have time for you whenever you want it and don't seem to think otherwise. Nothing is more important to me than you. I love you for your bouncyness and quirkyness but there has to be limits. And when I say that limit has been reached you stop. I don't like it when you put yourself down but I am not going to whip you for it but it is my place to discipline or give you an "assignment". I like you have friends but there is a limit to that and telling you to do it pushed our limit and you understand that.

I love you