Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 6, 2007

OK had this blog almost done, and someone went behind bar and unplugged the computer on accident. This one is sorry if she said anything bad about Master in her last weeks Worth of blogs. Never meant to say anything bad. This one is sorely confused at this time. Her place is unsure, and she is questioning things that shouldn't be questioned. Master knows this girl's desire to play with others, but he has choosing not to discuss this at all. It isn't a necessity and if Master says no that's fine. Just wish we could talk about it sometimes, and hear his reason. Understanding is the key to all, and sometimes this one just doesn't understand Master. It's not is if Master isn't all this girl wants or needs, because he is. This girl couldn't explain her thoughts or needs, as she still doesn't fully understand them herself. This one feels Master is confused and dismayed about this one's attraction to females, but this one has always had that be a part of her and has suppressed it for years. Now that it's out this girl truly wishes to explore that part of her. It doesn't mean she cares less for Master or is going to change in any way. You know what this girl doesn't think she aught to right so late when she is tired and confused herself. This one is going through amazing changes she doesn't understand so can't expect Master to understand or accept. This one wants rings in places that she's never even thought about wanting piercings before. This one wants to feel the steel collar, and leash. If this one can't understand her own needs and wants then how is he expected to understand and accept them? Ah damn life just isn't a bowl of cherries at this time.

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