Monday, June 18, 2007

Yes finaly got stuff taking care of...yea

Had to go to Orlando today to do some errands. It's about an hour away from us. We had fun just driving slowly and looking around. On way back we stopped at Smokey Bones for lunch, then went to mall and walked around for a while. Stopped at huge mega comic shop on way home, and browsed there for a while. I kept wanting to stop and try something at fast food places. Like to try new places, but after third time and I barely touched what I asked for Master banned me from any eating out for a few Told me I'd wasted enough food for a week. They need little trial packs of pies, cakes, and sandwiches for people like me that just like to nibble on different things. On way back we were on a slow pretty deserted road. Master made me lift my shirt and bra and drive that way. With our tinted windows and as short is I am I doubt anyone saw anything even when passing, but it was really getting to me. Master also played and twisted them getting me all hot and bothered while I was trying to drive. He unzipped my pants so he could feel how wet he was making me. When we got back into town I ran into a pet store for something and didn't realize till I came out that my pants were still unzipped. How very embarrassing. Specially as am not allowed to wear under where. Well don't know what went on at my house while we were gone all day. Two of my older kittens were limping and one of my youngest ones regretfully passed away. I do not know if my sister came over, and maybe the dogs came in and went nuts chasing them or what happened, but not to happy about it in any event. Can't even have a day out with just my family seems like. Well except for the cats was a really good day.

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