Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tied up tuesday I wish....

That time of month so no play for a week as I feared...sigh. They put Master on a new med today so hopefully that will help the pain. Went grocery shopping with the Mom today..always fun. Am trying mediatition for relaxation, but it's so noisy hard to find a place to relax and just breathe. Hate cramps and I get them so bad. Breathes slowly trying to work through pain. Soon as got back had to leave in twenty minutes to take Master to doctors then had to go to pharmacy and wait for prescription so wasn't home much today. Then mom went and got the baby. My niece owes me money so is refusing to ask me to baby sit. She had someones little sister watching baby today, which is why my mother went and got her. Master is still saying yes to play party on saturday so have that to look forward to. I do not want to play, but i'd like to observe.

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