Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20, 2007

This one owes her Master a huge apology. She was playing in chat and let another Dom bite her. It was just cyber playing and only biting, but it made this one feel wrong. This is why this one wanted someone that was in chat a lot with her to keep her out of trouble. This one is overly friendly and likes to play, but truly never means to give anyone the wrong idea. She is happily owned, and collared and only wishes friendly play. This one is only allowed to play with subs though and only female subs at that. My humblest apologies to you Master, and my promise that will try to never let it happen again. Forgive me please Master. This one has disgraced you by her actions and will not forgive herself for that. Humbly prostrated before you bound in your love chained by your will...
Master Ed's dark angel

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