Friday, June 29, 2007


So lets see actually got up early, but that's an every day thing. Mom made me go shopping with her because she likes the company and it doesn't hurt to have a pack mule as well to carry We went to walmart then got lost going to publix, and ended up way on other end of town don't ask me how. So we stopped and had lunch at a place that had great buffalo wings. Excellent food. I did what I always do ate all my sides then had no room for the main That left plenty for Master when we got home though so it was all good. Stopped at library and picked up a book I'd ordered. Stopped at five more places looking for a bean bag and some energy tea my niece wanted for college. Yea fun day...not. It's alright really I don't mind going out with my mother sometimes. If I don't she makes my life a hell so better to just go and act enjoyable. Was a miserable rainy day all day, but didn't effect my mood though did have a sinus headache for quiet a bit of the day. People at stores though all seemed in a rotten mood today. Master has been very tired on the Methadone. He is going to see if there is something they can give him to counteract the tiredness. The med is working great though so far. He is getting much more Dominant toward me in a good way. Love it in the morning when I try to sneak past his sleeping form he always grabs me now and holds me for a minute. He is probably thinking what other evil implement of punishment can he get, because the whip doesn't really bother me anymore. All the complaining I've done about it in the past and now it just doesn't seem that painful anymore. Well I still don't like being made to kneel against the wall and be still so he still has that up his devious sleeve. Have a wonderful weekend to one and A/all.

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