Monday, June 4, 2007

Ok yes i've been forgetting agian June, 4, 2007

OK lets see two days of no posting what's been going on....well his nephew's father might decide to take him. We are not sure yet or not what's going to happen, but he is coming down to see the boy. He hasn't been in his life at all though he does pay child support so he has the law on his side. Not sure how I feel about that yet or not. His sister will be devastated she really wants them to stay together. I've been getting in trouble a lot for attitude. Have got a few strokes of the whip almost every night. Think once again as I've said before when vanilla life gets in the way easy to forget my place. Master has been subtly reminding me when I'm bad, and lots of hair Today should be my last day of my monthly, so maybe can play a bit tonight. After a few weeks of no play almost always afraid to start up again for some reason. Plus think I've been putting this off just to push things again. Don't know why I do that. Master does read it but not every day. He still isn't leaving comments to let me know what he read, though if he's unhappy he lets me know that. Truly i don't know what I want or need anymore. Am feeling a bit lost and depressed right now, and no clue why. Maybe some rough play will take care of that. I'm just not sure anymore. Accidentally wrote my father a note I thought I'd sent to Luckily didn't say anything bad just asked if we should bring the old bat to my father's work picnic or not. Was a bit shocked when my father wrote back saying what old bat? Didn't make it to the munch this month. Wanted too but didn't really feel good that night so just stayed home and chilled. Sounded like we missed a great meeting too. Well hopefully won't miss any more. Do love to go. OK finally caught up for now...huggsssssss to all.

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