Sunday, June 24, 2007


OK not actually going to write to much today have a bit of a head ache. Think I wrote enough yesterday anyway. Did my swimming today though really didn't want to. You'd think facing that cold jump would get easier, but it doesn't seem to be. finished two weeks worth of laundry at last. Managed no caffeine except for a few sips of Masters tea at lunch time. Spent a lot of time online today with friends. Really need to start curtailing my time in chat, or better managing it. Have some writing and things I want to do and never get around too. OK that's about it for the day. No one was home for a long time today, so Master made me take everything off. I went and put my slave collar on. That's all I wore most of the day. He did pet me a bit, and pull my hair whenever I passed him...yea. so wasn't a bad day just long. I'm so outtie....huggssssssssss.

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