Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Katie got a call to go to movies with her friends, which of course meant they all needed a ride. So we went to see the new Die Hard movie. She forgot to mention there was three beside herself and we have a small car that barely fits two in the back seat. So we had three huge teens squashed with one laying across there laps. We are very lucky no cop saw us. We made it there alright, and met another teen there that we weren't told about. Katie had fun though and that's what counts. I wrote and rsvp'd for the play party saturday since Master has continued to say we could go. I'm really looking forward to that and hope i'm off my monthly be then, becouse i'd really love to try the cross and some of the other play things i've been told will be there. Played in chat for abit with my friends, and that was fun but Master has curtailed my time and I have to be off by 8:30. He says we discussed it last night, I remember him talking and me saying yes Sir if you call that a Guess no staying up till midnight anymore and I was begining to think I was such a party girl. Huggssssssss and good day to one and A/all.

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