Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16, 2007

Well the blog yesterday did get me in trouble. For now things will remain the same cause that's how Master wishes it. Last night he made me wear my choker to bed and he kept the leash. Also had one hand in soft cuff attached to the bed. Was plenty of room to move around luckily. Started out with both wrists cuffed but he let me have one back. Close to three am had to ask permission to use bathroom, he let me take off all at that time so could sleep better. Had a picnic to go to today. Was hot and the food sucked. The great niece enjoyed it. She got in the bounce house and wouldn't come out. Then we went to see rise of the silver surfer. Great movie. Then took Master home and me and my daughter went to meet a friend of mine for a girls night out. We went down the port and had hamburgers while me and my gf had a beer. It was a long day and am more then ready for bed tonight..wishing everyone well.

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