Friday, June 8, 2007

Fetish Friday

This girl is bouncing like mad today. Some reason Master was in a mood all day. He bit, pinched, poked, and prodded this girl every time she walked by. This girl feels well loved and happy today, because of that. That's all this one ever wanted was a bit of attention to keep her spirits lifted and keep her going. Plus got a blog assigned me in MdS for putting myself down. Had to write ten things I liked about myself. That shouldn't be to hard, but it was. This one accepts herself, but has always been harder on herself then others would be. She never feels what she does is good enough or can't be improved upon. She is very lucky to have such wonderful friends that care for her and won't put up with her nonsense. So thank you all of you out there. Submissively, Master Ed's dark angel

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