Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1, 2007

Lets see Sunday what did I do? Well after getting in so late last night didn't get to bed till one and slept horribly. Was awake by six am. Did my swimming yesterday and today, but haven't got my laps back up yet to what they were before the four day break in swimming. Master was cuddly a bit this morning before sending me on my way. He tantalized me with hints of later, so was moist thinking of later all morning. Finally around eleven went and poked him with a ruler I'd found. A big thick wooden ruler and did get my needs taking care of, but got bopped on head with ruler. Well wasn't where I wanted it used but it Went to take teen some clothes today because she wanted to stay at grandma's house but instead she decided to come home. Went to library and I got bridge over the river kwi again. Starts whistling the music. Other then that just procrastinating all day. Cooked a good dinner for Master and everyone else of Have a lovely upcoming week one and all....

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