Friday, July 13, 2007


Got rid of everyone in the house for a few days. Finely yea. I get to let the slave free. Swim naked run around naked with just my slave collar on. Get spanked all day long. Of course took forever to have the empty house just so we could have a little private time. Had two kids stay the night last night so no luck there. Took forever to get them moving this morning so we could drop them at grandma's house and rush back home for that private time. We showed up and my nephew was here watching TV. The big ape stayed around for over an hour damn it, by time he left my sister showed up with her dog. I thought we were going to have a never ending parade of people through the house, but she finally left after rummaging through drawers and cabinets snooping everywhere. Soon as she left Master called me to him and yanked me down to the floor by my hair. He stripped my clothes off me and gave me a quick spank with promise of more later. He's made me serve for a few hours like that and every time I go by he pulls on my nipples or spanks my ass so I'm more then ready for some playtime. Ta ta.....

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