Monday, July 2, 2007

July 2, 2007

Yea did my swimming today. OK I only skipped the week of my monthly but still facing that cold water is a mind hurdle every day. I cheated and had half a can of Dr. Pepper yesterday not to mention a coke slushy from seven eleven. Surely coke slushies don't count? Today was good even though did grab a quick meal at McDonald's got lemonade with my meal instead of soda. I stayed online till midnight last night. Master told me I could stay up as late as I wanted, but he's not letting me chat today. So instead wrote a lot of blogs in MDS. My mom agreed to watch the baby today so of course she's been under my feet most of the day. My niece still owes me money so refuses to ask me to watch her. Master stole my bra today as well. Guess he thought I didn't need one when no one was home. I drive him nuts though because for some reason when he pinches or bites me I laugh hysterically. I just can't help it and don't know why. Wanted to finish reading a book today, but was really to tired to concentrate on the words so gave it up. Not only did I stay up till midnight chatting stayed up till three even though i was in bed watching titanic on a portable DVD player. Then I slept really fitfully and was still up at my usual time of about six. I did manage to catch a bit more sleep on and off till about eight but think I will turn in early today.

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