Wednesday, July 11, 2007

sleepy day

Lets see my niece was up early don't think she slept well on the floor. I know they were up till after four giggling and chatting so they should all be tired tonight. Well except for the one that got up early she took a long nap close to dinner time. Had to meet mother in law at lawyers first thing this afternoon to talk about case. The lawyer wants to make Master the legal guardian for the kids. This pissed off his sister Fran who wanted custody as she saw there money flying out the window. After took his mother out to Mexican food so she could vent and maybe wouldn't call us all day. After Master had a doctor's appointment to try to get something to wake him up from the med that makes him sleepy, so we didn't get home till after two. Made roast, tators, and biscuits for dinner. Other then that have just floated through rest of day had huge storm so was offling for a bit. Story done nothing else to tell....

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