Monday, July 9, 2007

One more night

One more night till Harry Potter movie...I can't forget because my daughter won't let me. She is very hyper and excited tonight hope she sleeps in tomorrow because movie doesn't start till midnight. Have been real good about the caffeine and swimming this week. Even got the bathroom cleaned so slowly working on my list. My great niece came over today and immediately brought me my shoes and watch, then went and got grandma her shoes and purse. So guess who went out following a baby Dommes We went and got pizza which she loved then drove around an hour while she we are not whipped. Other then that cleaned and wrote today not much else. Master did pull my hair and play with me a bit. He got out his knife and ran it all over my body. Only problem was some reason I was in a very giggly mood today and laughed every time he touched me. Even with the knife I was laughing hysterically and moving in to the blade instead of away from it so he stopped. Of course at bedtime tonight he probably won't be in mood to play..sigh. Hopefully I'm wrong on that.

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