Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday yea...why yea I haven't a clue. Cause it's Friday I guess. Your supposed to go yea Friday right? All I did today was clean and do laundry. Bathed my kittens and took them in to our local pet store for them to sell. They would only take two. They didn't take Misty my stray so I guess I'm stuck with another female...dang it. The idiot at the pet store opened the box they had her in and she took off through store I caught her and put her back in box and the guy let her escape again they had to close doors to catch her the second time. They said she was to wild as she set in my arms and purred. She was just scared. Stopped at taco bell for Master only thing is he told the teen to tell me he wanted a taco salad and she didn't. So he wasn't to happy with her. Has been pouring all day again today, and was out getting soaked for a bit. The teen was bored so we took a drive to dunking dough nuts to pick out some fattening dough nuts for the weekend. She wanted to practice driving, but I vetoed that not in this rainy weather. Think I'm actually going to go to bed pretty early tonight. Am a bit exhausted. Plus during rainy weather I get sinus migraines from the air pressure. So my head feels like it's going to explode. Have a great weekend to all.

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