Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhh no's almost seven am and we just got power back. Last nights munch was fun we had show and tell on toys. A lot of people make there own paddles and floggers. One showed a homemade vamp roller. It's just a lint brush with tacks stuck all the way around it, and black electric tape wrapped around the tacks to keep them in so the little points are all pointing out. It is a toy that will draw blood. I'm exhausted and going back to bed for a few, but had to come here first. I'm addicted to friends and not used to going to bed without saying goodnight and seeing some of my best friends. When we first got back from munch and released power was off we went to IHOP for a late night dinner since the power was supposed to be back on at midnight. When we got back from that and power was still off we spent an hour in Walmart before coming home. Still no power so we stayed up talking. I finally gave up and went to bed heat or no heat, but Master and my daughter didn't. They finally went and watched a movie on a portable dvd player in the air conditioned car all night so my gas is probably low. Ok don't even know what I'm typing now so I'd better get..huggsssssss and kisses to any who read my boring ramblings. Say hi sometime.
Master Ed's dark angel

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