Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My mom dragged me to Orlando today to see my spoiled niece at college. Wasn't a fun trip. I had taking a sleeping pill last night, because I've been very tired lately and not sleeping well. I slept alright but have been exhausted still all day so don't think I'll do that again. Soon as got home rested for a bit and had to go back out to cash checks and do some shopping so was a long day out. Was storming as well so got soaked getting Master back in car after shopping. Master has cut my time off on chat completely. He is getting very stern on times now and limiting my chat time. I did throw a tantrum today, but he quietly and quickly got me under control. I apologized for the fit but he said was his fault because hes giving me to much free reign and he was going to take care of that...sigh. So if you don't see me much anymore you know why. I love all my friends online and am very sorry I'm not going to be around as much. It's ten o'clock and I have to go to bed. My apologies for short post tonight.. but have been staying up later and later and my attitude is showing the lack of sleep. Huggssssssssss hope all had a happy tied up Tuesday.

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