Saturday, August 25, 2007

still no play

Well still haven't had time to play,and it really bites. I know we've been stressed out and busy, but it would be so nice to just say heck with everything else and go shut the door for a few in the afternoon and have some fun..sigh. Hopefully soon being a celibate sucks. Master is addressing this issue. He assures me he's not ignoring me just been so hectic lately, and he's not feeling well again. I can't help how I feel though. He makes me feel so wonderfully alive when we play, and I get really depressed when don't get that time specially when it's for weeks and weeks. Have my niece Keke tonight so no nookie tonight either. Actually have nothing to complain about life is good is can be expected with so much stress and aggravation. Runs back to play in MDS....

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Master Ed said...

Life is getting better and easier. Maybe with the little one in a decent school and his sister with band everything will get back to normal.

Love ya

Master Ed