Friday, August 24, 2007

lonely days

Hmmm...I've been avoiding writing lately, because I don't want to write bad stuff anymore. Just been a long week, and Master hasn't felt good. I've been spending an inordinate amount of time online. Master hasn't even said anything about it. I've done hardly anything that I should be doing. Almost better when my time in chat is curtailed I get more work done online and off. I know Master isn't purposely trying to push me away, but it feels that way when I'm trying so hard for a little loving and he's always telling me later. I'm glad I have such good friends online they do fill the void when I'm feeling particularly lonely like I have this week. Ah well nothing much else to write. Just been so busy trying to keep house clean, and help my mom who's still using leg as an excuse to have me do everything......sighs and wonders away.

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Master Ed said...

Sweetie. I don't mind you being on chat. Yes I havent to well this week but am starting to feel better and better and will be back to my usual abusive self :). Keep yur head and chin up. Court is almost here and one of the stresses will be taken away.

Love ya

Master Ed