Wednesday, August 15, 2007


As someone pointed out I am very lucky. My Master is trying and taking the lifestyle very seriously. He is handling is family very well with all there bickering and stuff. He's got the kids under control. He is handling things very well, and I might just be able to stop worrying about everything and everyone. I still regret we don't get more time together, but the time we do have is spent with each other and very enjoyable. I can see us together forever when for a long time I couldn't. He is watching out for me, and helping me stick with things he knows I want to stick with like the no caffeine. He's been super helping with my mother after her surgery. It's almost like a completely different person. He's more personable, more confident, more sweet, and a thousand times more loving then ever before. He's also stronger, less willing to give on things, and not as much of a procrastinator as before. All of which is super. He takes no crap, and lets the kids know if they step out of line. Today Joey was being rude with his other aunt and brought up her chin hairs, and even though she said that's fine I know he's just playing Ed jumped on him and explained to him you don't treat woman like that you respect them, and treat them right. He exerted his authority and pretty much told his sister to butt out he'd correct him if he wanted. I wanted to applaud. I am falling in love all over again. I hope everyone has a second chance like we've been giving, because it's so worth it....


cyndi/hotforgreys said...

awesome. you. like me , need to focus on the GOOD and relish in that and try to stop wanting more and more. sigh. i know that sucks and it is incredibly hard to do.


Master Ed said...

I love you my dear angel and thank you for the wonderful compliments. Wish I would have been a little more assertive sooner but we all have to learn.

Master Ed