Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pet day at the Woodshed

I don't even know where to begin. I had so much fun yesterday. Our day started out before eight trying to get everything ready. We went up to meet some friends before going to the dungeon. We met them for brunch only getting a little lost. It was very good seeing them as they live a bit far away, and though have known them for well over a year have only seen them once or twice. Am hoping that from now on will be much more, becouse they are great people and I had so much fun with them. Then we followed them over to the dungeon. Master Cecil the Dungeon owner met everyone and welcomed us. We filled out all our applications and paid the necessary fee to play for the day. He charges a reasonable price and it included staying for the evening when the Dungeon opened. I was a bit shy it was so overwhelming meeting so many new faces at once but I think I got over it pretty quickly. Once all the animals got loose it was mayhem. We had puppies, kitties, ponies, and even a few unusual animals in the mix. We had a jackal and two Dragons in the same room. One of the Dragons was in full furry costume and he was very handsome. A very randy Clydesdale made the mares day interesting. When I got a chance to be a pony he chased me but my faithful pony groom Tim actually put his body between us and kept him off me. There isn't much else I remember about being pony, but that when the bells and cuffs came off I felt a little bereft. I didn't even want to spit out the bit it just felt natural to me. I felt more at home as a pony then I do when in puppy mode. Our friend Pam showed up later in the afternoon and she brought lots of puppy and kitty treats for me and my friend Julie. Her leg was nice to lean against on breaks in the frenzy and she truly knows how to scratch. I met so many new friends and I am so looking forward to our next get together. Truly lifestyle people are the most accepting friendly people in the world. Master let Sir Tim test his spanking skills with what I believe was a fiberglass cane someone had let him borrow. They said it couldn't be broken but between Lindsey Tim's pony and my ass we seem to have broken it. Don't think there made for pony asses. Haze another friend was there when the Dungeon opened in the evening and after Master added quiet a few ass bruises himself with his toys, he let her scene with me as well. What is it with Doms or Dommes and there damn spoons? Growls and chews up all wooden spoons. Master also did a bit of needle play. He went real deep with one on my left breast and its a bit tender and bruised, but didn't feel bad. I do hope I'm getting better at taking needles, becouse I do love it its just a scary prospect. He probably did between 13 and 15 last night scattered between both my breasts and on my arms. Best of all I got suspended. That is something I've always wanted to try and it was so worth the wait. The Master who did it was a true craftsman and I was told the harness he rigged up was lovely on me. Can't take pics at the Dungeon so have nothing to show you. I know it was hard for my Master to see me being so friendly with so many strangers, and I'm honored he showed me the trust he did and let me play as he did. They have decided to make pet day a once a month thing and I'm so looking forward to the next one....

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