Saturday, April 12, 2008

Real or not?

I just read a very interesting post that made some very valid points. How many of you have been told your not real BDSM'ers becouse of this, that or the other? I've always wondered who defines things like this. In the BDSM community there is so much internal bickering about the right way to do things or run things. Well in actuality that is in any community is it not? Law of the jungle the bigger the badder? Yet sometimes even the smallest animals can be deadly. As long is someone is being safe in there play who am I to tell them its not right? This is especially true in the different communities. Gorean, leather. old guard, and the like. Each has certain ways that things should be done and if not done that way then its wrong. I'm just amazed that people who are so open minded in there sexuality and play can be so close minded about other things. As long is it works for you in your relationship then it should be considered right for that relationship. I almost lost a long time friend the other day over a simple slip of the tongue, and though I apologized he still felt I was picking on him for his lack of knowledge. That was the furthest from the truth but I was trying to educate him on the difference between what he said and what I am. I guess it came across is lecturing though that wasn't my intent it was just a subject I felt very passionately about. This got me thinking maybe this was behind a lot of the animosity between different groups and factions. People just feel so strongly about there own believes they can not step back to judge other's viewpoints with a clear eye. Still some arguments are just ridiculous. One I hear a lot is you can not truly be serous about the lifestyle till you've put at least five or ten or whatever years into it. If that's true it leaves newbies out in the dark doesn't it. I believe if your truly passionate about something you learn all you can and develop a plan of action based on where you want to go with that passion. You work and strive to make your passion a reality. I don't care if you've been in this lifestyle one day or fifty years the passion you have shines through. Each of us takes things that work for us and incorporate it into our lives. What is good for one is not good for another. That is what makes a good community diversity. Having different people that can all teach on different subjects. I'll say this once my opinion is that opinion. Its not meant to relate to someone else nor should it. I know a lot about many different subjects, but I will always be learning and growing. So please if I ever dismiss something someone says slap me silly till I grow up and listen properly. Maybe I don't agree or subscribe to your philosophy but that does not make it wrong. It would be a very boring world indeed if there was only one right way to do things. Grow, learn, love, laugh, and never give up the childlike joy in learning...

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