Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy slave

n my opinion one of the key components to having a happy well adjusted slave is having protocols and rules for them to follow. A slave needs to feel useful and owned. Set schedules, rules, and punishments helps maintain the proper mindset for servitude. Not everyone goes for high protocols or even low protocol everyone is different and does what works for them and there relationships. There should be at least one time a day where the Master/slave dynamic should be pushed a bit otherwise you get bratty slaves who think they can top. Kneeling before there Master, being spanked just because they can, or some other form or ritual should be performed to accentuate who is Master and who is slave. Punishments for infractions should be set in place, and happen as soon is possible instead of being allowed to pile up. Also if a punishment is threatened and not giving then that gives the slave the idea that the infraction must of not been so bad and it will most likely be repeated. Another thing I see a lot of is the Masters fear of hurting the slave causes them to be to gentle, and in a Master/slave relationship gentleness can be seen is weakness thus leaving the slave figuring once again the infraction wasn't that bad. The whole point of punishment is to discourage a certain behavior, but if the punishment doesn't even register to the slave they will forget what and why they were punished before the light sting even fades away. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying a Master can not show love to his slave and property. Far from it. They should reward the good behavior so it's repeated just as quick as the punish the bad so its not repeated. Unless its a special occasion the reward shouldn't be anything big just something minor that is not allowed often. A slaves job is to serve and they should know that the reward isn't for doing as they should be doing anyway, but for doing it so well that you are proud of them. I've seen one Master not allow his slave sweets unless it is out of his hand. Thus she gets a treat and the Master/slave relationship is deepened by her having to kneel and take it from his hand. My own Master knows of my fondness for small plastic animals, and when I do something that needed doing without being told or make a special meal he brings me one to add to my menagerie. It's a very small thing, but makes me strive harder to please and earn that prize. Anything that comes from his hand is special, because I know he owes me nothing. It shows his appreciation for all I do in my service to him. Another thing I've noticed in my time in the lifestyle is a Masters devotion and time spent with his slave steadily decreases as time goes on. This is actually true in any relationship, but I believe in a Master/slave dynamic the Master should be sure his slave knows she is loved and cherished by setting aside time each day if only twenty minutes to devote entirely to her. The return is a slave that will devote her every waking moment to the happiness and well being of her Master. Some protocols that help in this regard is devoting a time each day when a slave sits at her Master's feet and shares her daily journal with him. Then they can discuss whatever is in it, and how things can be improved. Every relationship is different as I've said, but I truly believe the things I mentioned are key for happy well adjusted slaves that thrive in there servitude...

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