Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pet Play

Well a friend has been asking me about pet play, so I've been thinking about it a lot. On almost any definition or BDSM site you will read its humiliation play. I do not see it like that. I can see why it would be considered that if forced into pet play. That definition leaves out those of us that go into it willingly though, or even the ones that initiated it to start with. The humiliation aspect comes from being paper trained or forced to potty like an animal. Then again some may not even think that is true. I do not find it humiliation to be on a leash or eat out of a dog bowl. Instead I feel loved and cared for when my owner keeps me close on a leash or gives me special treats in my bowl. Some call it role playing or acting, but for most of us I do not see that is being accurate either. For me its a part that has always been inside and was suppressed becouse it was not normal or allowed. Who didn't grow up pretending they were some kind of animal at one time or another. I know I growled and played with my dogs all the time. I trotted and whinnied seeing myself as a gorgeous mustang or pinto mare running free mane blowing in the wind. To be able to still escape inside myself as an adult and just feel and act on instinct not worry or be human for a while is so freeing that it can't be described. When you sink so far down into that persona that it over shadows your own then its not really acting its another persona that is just in the fore front for a while. That persona is always around inside a part of you, but one that is not allowed free reign. So many probably have other personalities deep inside that are never allowed to see the light of day. That this lifestyle allows some of us to let those personalities to the fore front at times I think makes us more happy and well adjusted then those uptight people that refuse to ever let there inner child, and wild animal out. We refuse to subscribe to what is proper and right for humanity. Who is the one that decides that anyway? Why is actually showing love for more then one or playing with those that interest you so wrong? Why is actually fulfilling your fantasies and going to the edge disgusting and wrong to so many? We have been brain washed into mindless automatons that all act and think the same, and I for one refuse to succumb to that. I find pleasure in pleasing others, I love pain, and I love to loose myself and just be a puppy for a while. I will not hide what I am to please others if they don't like it they can just go away...

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