Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inner peace

How does one obtain this allusive ideal? Is there really such a thing is inner peace? Can meditation really help restrain the inner beast? These are question I do not have the answers for, and not sure any one does. There are some that claim to find inner peace and harmony. I think as long is we have brains in our heads there's always going to be a part that's screaming and yelling something different from the world around us. This is what causes those inner conflicts that drive people to distraction. I do not see how sitting with your knees crossed and humming some mantra helps anybody achieve anything but having sore knees. Am sure making your mind a complete blank maybe gets rid of those demons, but to completly vanquish them? Even when I'm at my happiest there's something in the back of my mind whispering you'd be happier if...or maybe this is just the calm before the storm. I'm not sure this is a bad thing though. As long is that beast keeps roaring we keep working on finding ways to quiet him down. The striving is a part of life that keeps us learning and growing. If no one had found things they weren't happy with maybe we'd still be wearing skins and hitting each other over heads with clubs. Isn't making things easier on yourself a part of searching for happiness? Doesn't happiness with yourself and the world around you lead to inner peace? OK I could go around in circles with this subject, but its still not making sense to me so I'll end here...

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