Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well at last we had decided enough was enough. We were getting out of Florida come hell or high water. We really needed the break. Since my so called friend BT made excuses as to why we couldn't visit her we headed to Georgia to visit my friends Bear and Lady Ursa instead. They have been friends since I've joined MDS almost a year ago. When life got hectic and none of us could be on like we used too I truly missed seeing them in chat. We truly couldn't afford the break, but just decided to go anyway. We'd eat as cheaply is possible. Basically to me most of the trip was a waste. We went to malls and just drove around. Traffic was hectic, and I really dislike seven lane highways. We met Bear and Lady Ursa Saturday night. They took us to one of the clubs they hang out in. They were having a reaffirmation collaring ceremony. I met some of there other family members, and truly felt welcomed. I did cling a bit to Lady Ursa's side. I just felt like I belonged there. When I wasn't following her around I was out running around in the gorgeous woods. My only regret is never found a tree with low enough branches to climb. After the ceremony people started breaking up into groups and playing in various areas around the dungeon. My husband took Lady Ursa aside and asked if she would scene with me. This was truly a surprise is I know how jealous he gets, and he had already warned me off being so affectionate. Truthfully taking off my clothes down to my underwear I should have been nervous, but being in the presence of Lady Ursa and Bear was very relaxing. Just having her hands on me was so soothing they could have done anything, and I probably wouldn't have noticed. Truly I would like to describe more and tell all the items that were used, but I do not know. I was so lost in sensations that had no clue when one flogger was switched for another or who's hands were where. When it did get to be a bit much Lady Ursa's good girl whispered in my ear made the pain just melt away and I glowed with happiness. I truly didn't even realize when it was over till she was helping me up and wrapping me in her cloak. Laying against her as she rubbed my back was pure heaven. Truly I wished could have been longer, and I could have spent more time with them B/both. Next day they met us for lunch before we left. Sitting outside with them just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine while my family walked through a mall was wonderful. We talked a bit and got to know one another better. Truthfully I felt more at home with them then I have in a long while, and was depressed to leave. Thinking of them on the trip home though made me smile every time. I can't wait to be back in there arms where I belong....

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