Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zoo Day

Yesterday was our May Zoo day, and even though my ride fell through and I had to beg for one it was worth it. I only wish I could have got a little play time to see me through the next month of none. There was a bunch of newbies in attendance which made me very shy. Then I had some wanna be Dom following me around who could not take no for an answer. I told him several times I did not play with strangers and he still kept pushing closer under the pretext of petting the puppy even when I was not in puppy mode. I stuck pretty close to those I know in order to keep him a bit at bay. I'll be glad next month when Telka is hopefully back in attendance. Since I had come with Ed he spent the day at the local mall and was ready to leave much earlier then I was..damn it. Master Cecil had promised me needles and by time he was ready I had to go so could not stay for a scene. Master Cecil wanted me to go up against another to see who could take the most needles and I was truly looking forward to it. I was not a happy camper on way home to say the least. Can not complain though at least I did get to go. Tried asking for some money, but Ed would prefer to get me the stuff I need rather then giving me a dime so I don't feel so beholden to my mother all the time begging for items I need. He obvously doesn't understant how sometimes its nice to just have money in your pocket if you want to stop and buy your kid a drink or an ice cream on the way home from school. Nor to be able to stop and just pick up some dinner on days you don't feel like cooking. It's all good I just need to find one of those scarce jobs some how...sigh.

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