Saturday, February 23, 2008


Ed is proving how serous he is about this relationship this time. Last night he had his mentor Dragon come over to show him some proper play techniques. He brought his girl Angel over and we had dinner then he brought out his toys and showed them to us. He would demonstrate a technique on Angel then Ed would try on me. Some things he asked Dragon to show him on me as well. It was a very good evening, and a great learning experience. I am hoping it can be repeated again soon, becouse my sore area's are a pleasant reminder that I'm owned.


subleigh said...

Ok that knife looks scary as hell but I love the video..
as I have said Sis be careful what you wish for ;-)
I love ya

Anonymous said...

I love seeing someone that can handle what is dish out to them by thier owners or thier mentors, no matter what it is and still beg for more.....
Ms Nita