Saturday, February 16, 2008

Going good here

Things have been going very well since I've been home. Waiting for a copy of my GED to come in mail so can sign up for classes. There has been a few disagreements between me and Ed but on the whole we are getting along very well together. I have not really heard from either Bear or Ursa since I left, but I talk to Krystal daily and I guess they have just been real busy like I have. I was actually hoping to spend more time with them once I came back home. Like when before I left I talked to them both daily for hours at a times sometimes, but after I got down there and was in same house we didn't spend a lot of time talking at all. I just assumed I'd see them online again more often, but guess not. Went to a friends house last night to watch the Matrix trilogy. We had a pretty good time there. Today went to see step up 2 which was also a very good movie. I really need to start swimming again since my diet isn't the healthiest. Eating hamburgers out quiet a lot. Even when cook at home it's usually fried foods or there's lots of leftovers. I have been a little lazy since I've been home and need to get busy. Just having trouble getting motivated. Need to start eating veggies again or start taking my iron, becouse my energy level seems down. OK back to the mad house..huggsss to all.

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Master Ed said...

I gave you your week of rest. Monday we start.