Friday, November 30, 2007


I realize I've pretty much stopped posting here and my apologies for that. Serving 24/7 and sharing the computer between quiet a few people I do not have the time online that I used too. Plus I've actually started a note book journal. Things are actually going great and I'm pretty happy. Was very sick for the first few weeks here which sucked. First when I came I had a horrible cold, then I got thrush in the mouth. Guess all the stress and stuff just really got to me. Now I'm finally starting to feel better, and of course I start my monthly. Things are just conspiring against me lately. Plus the mouth infection caused the inside of my lips to chap and peel horribly so have been in pain for two days from that. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ignoring signs I shouldn't be, but I love it here. I shouldn't even be on my monthly yet since I just got over it a few weeks ago right before coming. I figure the infection just wrecked havoc on my whole system. Only one thing has really bothered me, and that mainly stems from my own lack of self confidence I believe. I can't share that though because we have a rule that family stuff stays inside the family only. It is a good policy I'm just not used to opening up and sharing when something bothers me yet. Hopefully my outlook will improve when I get a job and start contributing a bit more. Ed seems to be doing well though I know he'd really like me to come home. Katie is doing great in school, but I do miss her horribly. I haven't been able to call and talk to her since the house where she is at doesn't allow long distance calls through for some reason. Keeps saying this number isn't available even when I know it is. Huggssssssss to all....


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Master Ed said...

I would love for you to come home but you are doing something for yourself once. Hopefully we will be back together eventually. But the time apart is good. Katie misses you more than you will ever know but also she is getting a little bit better each day. I hope you are having fun and feeling lots and lots better