Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time to move on

It was a very hard decision, but I finaly left. I am now in Goargia with my Master and Mistress. I feel very lucky to have found such loving caring people who wanted me. I do miss my family terribly, but I do not miss the incredible sadness that was part of each and every day. The pain and heartache I knew all the time. It is such a relieve to wake up to a house full of people that I love and I know love me. I have begun a new chapter in my life one I look forward to with happiness and joy. I do miss my daughter horribly but the way I was feeling I was doing her no good. I was not happy which didn't make me a very happy person to be around. I have goals in mind to accomplish and I think my Master and Mistress might have a few for me as well. With help I feel that I can accomplish anything and hopefully will find that to be true. I do not have the terrible self doubt like I always had before. I have found the power of touch to be such a wonderfull thing. I've always been a touchy feely person in a family of non touchers. To be able to hold hands, rub someones back, sit on the floor and just rub and touch someones foot and ankle feels so great. Here that touch is welcomed not rebuffed all the time. I am in heaven. Amazing what such a simple thing changes inside yourself. Being able to touch and hug whenever and wherever I feel is just such a freeing experiance. I hope everyone enjoys it like I now do and was unable to before. Will write more as time goes on....

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