Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Play time-at last

We went to a friends house for dinner and a demo last night. Was supposed to be on fire and wax play but Master Zoom was tired, and they didn't want to get that into everything so was just on flogging. After eating we talked for along time just getting to know one another better. Master Zoom has graciously offered to mentor my husband so he can be a better Dom. After talking for a long time my husband finally said it's getting late can I see some They have two huge glass cabinets in there dining area with all there floggers and stuff laid out for viewing. Zoom pulled out all the floggers and paddles for my husband to see. Pauline took off her dress and he demonstrated where to hit properly on her back and buttocks. Master used a couple of the floggers and paddles on me getting used to the feel. I asked Pauline if I could see try her clover nipple clamps with weighted chain. They felt fine at first but quickly the nipple started to burn where it was pinching. This was quickly escalated when husband pulled the chain a few times. When they where taking off and he rubbed the feeling back into the nipples it hurt like hell, but went away fairly quickly. I'm not sure but think if was actually in the mood I'd like the clamps a bit better. When horny I like the stronger feelings rather then weaker. It was a bit of a learning experience and I enjoyed it greatly. Master Zoom said next time he'd pull out the cross, and husband asked him if he would demo on me. They are wonderful friends, and I think we are lucky to have them mentor us.

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