Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living life best as can

Well actually not sure what to write that seems to be an issue a lot lately. I am glad to be back in service I do miss that aspect of the lifestyle. Its been good for me this week to remember why I love the lifestyle. I have really enjoyed the company as well. Its nice to just sit and have a conversation with someone that's not about movies, gaming, or kids. I am going to miss that when I go home. I am not used to driving so much, but it has been relaxing all the same. I have more privacy here even though its a smaller house then I do my large one. Just had to get into a routine to relax a little. I'll be glad to get home Sunday though. Sleep in my giant new bed..yea. One thing I have realized while being here is I do love the lifestyle and don't want to give it up. I have no clue where that revelation is going to lead me. I know I don't want to be owned again. Least I don't think so...sigh. I am a lost cause. I have no clue what I want or need anymore.

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